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The 2024-2025 Summer Session
Intent to Register List is NOW CLOSED. 

Thank you for your interest in our program.

If you joined our waitlist, you will soon hear from our office if you have a spot.

If you completed an Intent to Register Form & scheduled an appointment, we look forward to seeing you soon. 


  • Attend your scheduled appointment to complete your registration. 

  • Sign the electronic Written Agreement (emailed after your registration is complete)


*A-G approved   +NCAA approved

Special Note for Parents and Students!

  1. We recommend you speak to your counselor before selecting any classes.

  2. Carefully choose the correct semester for your course. Example: If you need to make up a whole year of English 9, select both English 9 s1 and English 9 s2.

English Language Arts

English 9 *+  CLOSED

English 10*+  CLOSED

English 11*+ CLOSED



Algebra 1*+  CLOSED

Geometry*+  CLOSED

Algebra 2*+  CLOSED

Math 1*+  CLOSED

Math 2*+  CLOSED

Math 3*+  CLOSED

Money Math (1 semester)  CLOSED

History-Social Science

Ethnic Studies* (1 semester)  CLOSED

World Cultures & Geography+ (1semester)  CLOSED

World History*+  CLOSED

United States History*+  CLOSED

Government*+ (1 semester) CLOSED

Economics*+ (1 semester) CLOSED 


Earth Science CLOSED

Astronomy CLOSED

Oceanography CLOSED

Biology*+ CLOSED

Fine Arts/ Foreign Lang.

Visual Arts*  CLOSED

IS Fine Arts* (1 semester)  CLOSED

Spanish 1*+  CLOSED 

Spanish 2*+  CLOSED

Spanish 3*+  CLOSED

Health, PE & Electives

Health with Sex Ed. (1 semester) CLOSED

Health without Sex Ed. (1 semester) CLOSED

Independent Study PE (1 semester)  CLOSED

Lifetime Fitness (1 semester)  CLOSED

Computer Education- Google Apps for Education (1 semester)  CLOSED

College & Career Readiness (1 semester) CLOSED 

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