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Frequently Asked Questions


As a public charter school IvyTech is free to all families of students grades 7 – 12 that reside in Ventura County and the adjacent counties of Los Angeles, Kern and Santa Barbara. If you want to learn more about IvyTech Charter School and what it has to offer, please visit us at our campus or schedule a tour today!.


Public charter schools are one of the FREE alternatives to traditional public schools. 

Charters can be established by teachers, parents, or community groups under the terms of a charter (contract) with a local educational district. The autonomy granted under the charter agreement allows the school considerable decision-making authority over key matters of curriculum, personnel, and budget.

Our charter allows us to be more flexible than traditional schools in helping learners meet both Common Core Standards and achieve personal goals. Like any other organization that must prove itself to keep customers, we are accountable to our stakeholders: students, parents, teachers, and the community!


A recent report by the National Charter School Resource Center (NCSRC), Student Achievement in Charter Schools, presents the findings from a randomized study of charter schools:

  • Charter students overall perform better in math and reading (4 of 5 studies)

  • Low-income charter students perform better in math (all 5 studies) and reading (4 of 5 studies)

  • Urban charter students perform better (5 of 5 studies) whereas non-urban charter students perform worse (2 of 2 studies)

  • Charter students with low prior achievement perform better (2 of 3 studies)

  • Minority charter students perform better (3 of 3 studies)

  • Limited evidence that ELs and students with disabilities in charter schools perform better (only 1 study)

  • No impact on student behavior (2 of 2 studies)


What makes us different is our flexibility to offer a program more in touch with the students of today. Our public charter gives us the flexibility to spend our money on things that matter most: A strong curriculum with the technology to back it up.

We invested in the following things:

  • 21st century Educational Tools

  • 24/7 access to current and relevant curriculum

  • One-on-One teacher/student interaction or small group

  • Highly Qualified Teachers

  • Curriculum supported with on-site Tutorials and classes

Electives Include:

  • 3D Printing and 3D Design

  • Art

  • Audio Engineering and Recording Studio Practices

  • Digital Audio Production

  • Guitar

  • Piano

  • Sign Language

  • Work Experience

  • Yearbook


IvyTech Charter School is for any student in grades 7 through 12 who are seeking an outside-the-box, 21st century school experience, and a more flexible alternative to traditional public school.

Today’s students, both gifted and “at-risk”, are technologically advanced. They seek educational opportunities that allow them to collaborate via social media such as blogging, Twitter (tweeting), YouTube and instant messaging. The Internet is a tool of learning for this population who seek a new approach. This paradigm shift has occurred so rapidly that charter schools have stepped in to fill this niche, one that incorporates the best of what traditional and Independent Study schools has to offer, with the flexibility of time and power of the Internet.

IvyTech Charter School is modifying and advancing the educational paradigm for the 21st century learner. IvyTech has taken the best aspects of the virtual classroom and a brick-and-mortar school to create what is commonly known as a “Blended Learning or Hybrid Model”. The “Blended Learning Model” provides students with the opportunity to participate in a traditional classroom setting, a virtual classroom with online instruction, and receive assistance through social media. Our teachers are equipped with the technological tools, curricula and pedagogy to educate today’s students using 21st century tools.


IvyTech is proud and excited about its relationship with the community of Moorpark. “Learning Today to Lead Tomorrow” is a vision that IvyTech embraces.

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