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Board member


Board member

Jaki Gardner currently lives in Pasadena with her family. She has been in Education for 30 years, serving grades 6 through 12. She began her career as a math teacher, then served several years as an academic counselor, a couple of years as an administrator in a traditional high school setting, and for the last 13 years as a Director of a Charter School. She earned her undergraduate degree from the University of California, Riverside, and her teaching credential from the University of Redlands. Later in her career, she earned her credential in Counseling and Administration through Azusa Pacific University. She served on the board as a non-voting member prior to the 2022-2023 school year. She brings a great deal of experience in the business and programming of running a charter school and has been happy to have her vast knowledge and experience as an available tool for the IvyTech team. Jaki is retiring in June 2023 and will enjoy spending time with her grandchildren, traveling, and following the Los Angeles Kings.

Steven Collazo currently works as a Processing Manager at Sideshow Collectibles. As an
alumnus, class of 2012, and former employee of IvyTech, Steven is committed to ensuring the
school remains a tremendous provider of opportunity and guidance for future generations of
students and educators. Steven’s experiences as a student and former employee at IvyTech
afford him unique insights into the impact board decisions have on student life. Steven started
with IvyTech at its original location on High Street as a student and helped the school design
and operate the recording studio at its current location as an employee. Steven was able to
bring his professional experience as a recording engineer to IvyTech students and saw the
transformational impact of learning real-world experiences on students. As a member of the
IvyTech Board, Steven is dedicated to the pursuit of school-wide excellence.

Jenny Elias is a mother of six and has been homeschooling since 2007, using the philosophy of Charlotte Mason (CM), an educator and reformer from the late 1800s. Jenny quickly developed an interest and excitement in sharing CM with others in her community. She started a CM discussion group, Learning Charlotte Mason in Conejo and Simi Valley, with other
homeschooling mothers in 2015. This group blossomed into a weekly CM co-op community
known as the “Large Room,” which Jenny moderated. Among the subjects covered were history, nature study, literature, poetry recitation, and picture (art)/composer study. Jenny has
participated and spoken at Charlotte Mason conferences throughout the years, which included
representing the Charlotte Mason Institute at the Ontario Great Homeschool Convention in
Jenny's second oldest child joined IvyTech in the 2017-18 school year. Since then, two of her
children have graduated from the school, two are still in attendance, and her youngest is poised to join when he is ready. Jenny's children have benefitted from the flexibility of the programs at IvyTech and have taken advantage of dual enrollment and early graduation opportunities. Jenny is extremely passionate about education and ensuring that everyone is provided with a quality learning experience that is tailored to their needs. Jenny strongly believes in the Mission and Vision that IvyTech promotes because she's seen the benefits in her own family. Jenny is excited to be on the IvyTech Board and help the school provide a unique and supportive learning environment to the community.

Kimberly was born and raised in southern California. She is an alumnus of Moorpark College,
where she earned her Associate's degree in Film and Television Production. She is new to
IvyTech, and currently serving as an administrative assistant, registrar, and office manager. She
has a diverse background working with youth and adults, spanning over 10 years as a piano teacher and music director, youth leader, and community event organizer. Kimberly also brings
extensive experience as an administrative assistant, most recently supporting a law office prior
to joining IvyTech’s staff. Kimberly is passionate about her faith, education, and helping others.
From her own educational journey, Kimberly recognizes that education is a powerful tool and
that it's the job of those who work with students to give them the information and opportunities to use education in pursuit of their passion and dreams. She is an advocate on behalf of students and charter school education. Kimberly is excited to be one of the staff representatives on IvyTech’s governing board.

Marla Kengen worked for Iolab, a Johnson & Johnson company, for 15 years from 1980 - 1995. She started out at 20 years old without a college education. Iolab was purchased by Bausch & Lomb and Marla continued with them until 2002. The business manufactures Intraocular lenses, surgical equipment, and lasers for Cataract and Lasik procedures.

All of Marla’s positions were Administrative & Managerial within the areas of QA, HR, Surgical & Pharmaceutical Support. She was responsible for major meeting planning including Regional
Sales, National Sales, and Physician VIP trips. She reported directly to Directors and VPs.
Marla loved her years at J&J and B&L. The corporate culture was professional but created an
atmosphere like working with good friends. Many on-site benefits such as a full workout facility
and a Cafeteria run by Marriott. She still has many friends from those days.

Marla’s positions were very visible and her work ethic, professionalism, and personality took her a long way and led to several VPs recruiting her to work for them during her time with the

Marla credits her education as coming from her work experience, and not a 4-year degree. Her high school experience was not the best and no fault of her parents. But college was never really encouraged by them or even a high school counselor. But that didn't stop her from being successful.

Many years later, Marla entered an Esthetics program and received her CA License. She
started her own business in 2010 and loved being her own boss. Her clients were great and
supportive but had to close the business in 2020 because of Covid.

Marla’s passions include rescuing animals, traveling, gardening, exercising, and health.
Marla loves IvyTech's ideals, curriculum, and how the school provides for the needs of students
that may not thrive in a regular public school system.





Director of Operations

Adreanna Diaz is a Ventura County native, who grew up in the Conejo Valley. Her passion for
working in education and supporting students started when she was just in 8th grade through
volunteering and tutoring. It was at the University of California, Irvine, where Adreanna
completed her undergraduate degree in Criminology, Law and Society with Minors in
Educational Studies and History, that her passions, purpose, and plans aligned and she decided to pursue a career as a teacher. Adreanna returned to Ventura County after college to complete her teaching credential with hopes of serving the community in which she grew up.


Adreanna was one of two teachers who greeted students and families on IvyTech's first day of
school in 2010. She has worn many hats while at IvyTech, including that of History and English
teacher and school counselor. Today, Adreanna is honored to serve as principal and has a deep admiration for IvyTech, its students, alumni, and families. She enjoys working collaboratively with the IvyTech team and educational partners to create an encouraging, enriching, and safe community of learning that strives to realize its vision "to produce learners and leaders who are brave enough to think outside the box."


Adreanna received her teaching credential, Master's in School Counseling, and Pupil Personnel Services Credential from California Lutheran University. She is in the process of completing her Administrative Services Credential. Adreanna lives in Moorpark with her husband, son, and daughter. They enjoy taking weekend adventures, especially up the CA 1, all things Disney, and spending time with family and friends.

Geoffrey Frankl grew up in Southern California and bounced between Los Angeles County and
Ventura County schools. Geoffrey first got a taste of being an educator when his high school
band class volunteered to teach elementary students how to play musical instruments. Well, that experience lit a passion in Geoff’s heart that followed him through high school, college, and then into adulthood.

Geoffrey worked in a plethora of industries as he completed his Bachelors's in Business
Management from the University of Phoenix. These professional experiences in retail,
manufacturing, the food industry, the video game industry, and entertainment all helped to
shape him into a well-rounded educator. Geoffrey completed his Master’s degree from UoP in
Secondary Education with an emphasis on Instruction and Curriculum Design.

Geoffrey joined the IvyTech staff as a math teacher in the spring semester of the school’s first
year of operation. During his years at the school, Geoffrey has taken on administrative duties
starting off with technology and IT infrastructure. This role grew to include him being named as
the school’s administrative designee in 2018. In the 2021-22 school year, Geoffrey officially
stepped out of the classroom completely and utilized his Administrative credential as the
school’s Assistant Director of Operations. Now as the Director of Operations, Geoffrey is excited to continue IvyTech’s mission and achieve its vision of making education accessible to all by doing school just a little bit differently.

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