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Independent Study Program

IvyTech’s Independent Study High School Program provides:

  • Student flexibility with their schedules to allow time for work, attend to family matters, or take part in community activities

  • Personal attention of an Academic Advisor who is available to provide one-on-one counseling and act as a liaison between independent students and academic instructors

  • Teachers and counselors help students create a personalized education plan to achieve their goals

  • All instructional materials online and accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

  • Technology – Students can access all IvyTech online curriculum and services from their home computers, laptops or Kindles

The Independent Study (IS) Program at IvyTech has been designed to facilitate distance learning with support from highly qualified teachers and oversight provided by academic advisors. IS students complete coursework through IvyTech’s online interface. Teachers monitor students’ progress as work is completed and submitted for grading. 


Tutoring and remediation support is offered to learners through in-person meetings, as well as through distanced communication tools (phone, email, & Zoom). Students may also utilize their academic advisor to assist them with organizing a learning schedule and contacting teachers for assistance. Parents/Guardians are provided with an online progress monitoring tool to help facilitate and structure remote learning. 


The flexible schedule of the IS program requires only weekly check-ins with an academic advisor. This is to ensure adherence to pacing guides, collection of work samples, and facilitate access to support services, when they are needed. IvyTech’s Independent Study program is ideal for students looking to pursue professional, athletic, performance, or other extra curricular ambitions while still earning A-G and NCAA approved credits towards graduation. IS students can also benefit from earning high school credit for activities such as Work Experience, Community Service, and Dual Enrollment at one of the local Community Colleges or CTE programs.

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