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*A-G approved   +NCAA approved

Special Note for Parents and Students!

  1. We recommend you speak to your counselor before selecting any classes.

  2. Carefully choose the correct semester for your course. Example: If you need to make up a whole year of English 9, select both English 9 s1 and English 9 s2.

English Language Arts

English 9 *+  CLOSED

English 10*+  CLOSED

English 11*+ CLOSED



Algebra 1*+  CLOSED

Geometry*+  CLOSED

Algebra 2*+  CLOSED

Math 1*+  CLOSED

Math 2*+  CLOSED

Math 3*+  CLOSED

Money Math (1 semester)  CLOSED

History-Social Science

Ethnic Studies* (1 semester)  CLOSED

World Cultures & Geography+ (1semester)  CLOSED

World History*+  CLOSED

United States History*+  CLOSED

Government*+ (1 semester) CLOSED

Economics*+ (1 semester) CLOSED 


Earth Science CLOSED

Astronomy CLOSED

Oceanography CLOSED

Biology*+ CLOSED

Fine Arts/ Foreign Lang.

Visual Arts*  CLOSED

IS Fine Arts* (1 semester)  CLOSED

Spanish 1*+  CLOSED 

Spanish 2*+  CLOSED

Spanish 3*+  CLOSED

Health, PE & Electives

Health with Sex Ed. (1 semester) CLOSED

Health without Sex Ed. (1 semester) CLOSED

Independent Study PE (1 semester)  CLOSED

Lifetime Fitness (1 semester)  CLOSED

Computer Education- Google Apps for Education (1 semester)  CLOSED

College & Career Readiness (1 semester) CLOSED 

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