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Ms. Jacqueline Gardner


Jacqueline has served grades six through twelve for the past 20 years. She is familiar and comfortable with the behaviors, academic standards and challenges of secondary students in both traditional and alternative settings. She has become an advocate for modernizing the education process and taking it out of the constraints of an entrenched traditional system. Jacqueline serves IvyTech as its guiding visionary and encourages a supportive environment which promotes student-centered program development and pedagogical innovation.

Ms. Diana Conner

Office Coordinator

Diana has been with IvyTech for four years. Prior to arriving at IvyTech, Diana worked with the County ROP (Regional Ocupational Program) and the Court and Community schools as both a registrar and office manager. Along with her many talents, Diana brings with her the warmest of personalities and is the first point of contact for IvyTech. She is the owner of the voice that greets you over the phone and the smile that welcome you through our front doors.

Mr. Geoff Frankl

Mathematics Teacher/IT Manager/Administrative Designee

Geoff has been working in the field of mathematics instruction for over a decade. He has worked with a wide range of students, from the Elementary to the Post-Secondary levels, in subjects ranging from basic arithmetic to Calculus and Statistics. He has experience working with at-risk students, as well as the highly gifted and talented. Geoff has a passion for teaching and thoroughly enjoys helping students succeed and get the most out of their educational experience. Geoff is also excited to explore the burgeoning field of 3D design/printing and share his knowledge with students. This is a realm of technology that will transform the workplace of Tomorrow – Geoff believes that IvyTech graduates should have a hand in leading the way.

Ms. Adreanna Diaz

History Teacher/Counselor

Adreanna has over 10 years experience working in education and over 17 years working with children and adolescents. She has taught at IvyTech since its first days in 2010 and feels incredibly lucky to be a part of such an innovative school she believes in wholeheartedly. Her philosophy is that ALL students are capable of receiving a quality education and achieving both academic and personal success. She looks forward to providing her students a quality education and facilitating their growth as they attain their goals.

Mrs. Rachel Altschuler

English Teacher


Mr. Jonas Lee

Music Teacher

Mrs. Teri Selmser

Science Teacher


Ms. Amber Marovitz

Art Teacher/Independent Study Advisor

Amber is the art elective teacher for middle school and high school students. She has experience in multiple areas of fine arts as well as a professional background in special effects makeup for film and television. She feels that students will benefit from an art course due to its important contribution to divergent thinking skills as well as self-esteem building.

IvyTech Charter

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