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Ms. Adreanna Diaz is our resident academic counselor. She is here to help our students make decisions about their academic future with IvyTech and beyond. If you are a current student, please feel free to contact her at anytime to talk about your classes or if you have any questions.


Special Programs

Our hybrid program at IvyTech affords students flexibility and time in their weekly schedule to explore and take advantage of other programs and opportunities in the community that can enhance their course of study, career exploration, and overall high school experience, while earning credits toward graduation. Below are some of those programs.


Career Education Center (CEC)/ Regional Occupational Program (ROP)

CEC/ROP is a job training program held at various locations and school campuses throughout Ventura County. Programs are open to all eligible high school students, although some are limited to junior and seniors. This program offers students the opportunity to earn high school elective credit, while partaking in career exploration, as well as gaining experience and training for entry-level jobs in a variety of industries. The program is scheduled to fit into student schedules, with classes taking place in the afternoons or evenings on Mondays and Wednesdays or Tuesdays and Thursdays. Transportation is provided for most courses to and from a high school within students’ communities. 

Satisfactory attendance is required and students will be dropped from a program or earn a FAIL grade if they fail to complete all required hours and work for a program. Enrollment takes place prior to the start of every new semester. 

email-icon Please contact our counselor, Ms. Adreanna Diaz for more information about the CEC/ROP program. 

Dual Enrollment

Dual enrollment, or concurrent enrollment, programs mean students take classes at a local community college while taking high school courses. “Research suggests that participation in dual enrollment can lead to better grades in high school, increased enrollment in college following high school, higher rates of persistence in college, greater credit accumulation, and increased rates of credential attainment[5],[6]” ( Other benefits of enrolling in college courses while in high school include:

  • Earning college credits as well as high school credit towards graduating on time, or even earlier
  • Taking classes that are not offered at IvyTech
  • Showing potential colleges you’ve taken a rigorous course of study equal to high school AP classes
  • Exploring areas of academic interest, as well as career options
  • Experiencing what college coursework will be like while still in high school
  • Saving money on college tuition*, and
  • Saving time on completing a college degree

In order to enroll in college courses you must obtain the following:

  • A signed “High School Recommendation for Special Admission” form from your school counselor
  • A consent from your parent(s) and signed the “Memorandum of Understanding.”
  • Unofficial copy of your most recent school transcript

Registration for high school students varies, but generally takes place close to the start of the Ventura County Community College District semester.

email-icon Please contact our counselor, Ms. Adreanna Diaz for more information about the dual enrollment program.

*High school students do not need to pay the college enrollment fee of $46 per unit, but may need to pay for textbooks, parking permits, and additional course fees.

Community Service

IvyTech recognizes that performing community service is an important part of academic, social, and character development. Many students wish to complete community service in order to give back to their community, boost their high school transcript, or explore a desired career option. IvyTech will award elective credit for community service.

email-icon Please contact our counselor, Ms. Adreanna Diaz for more information about the community service program and all requirements.

Work Experience

Many students work part-time while in high school. Some work to earn income, gain job experience, or connect their course of study or interests with the real world. IvyTech recognizes the benefits of early work experience and awards students credits for the earned work hours completed at their jobs.

Minors employed in the State of California must have a “Work Permit,” which is issued by IvyTech to currently enrolled students.

email-icon Please contact our counselor, Ms. Adreanna Diaz for more information about the work experience program and all requirements.

Organized PE

Students choose IvyTech for an assortment of reasons. One of these reasons is a need for a flexible schedule that allows students to pursue other passions, such as sports. IvyTech recognizes the level of commitment and time some students put forth in their sports, playing for clubs, going pro, or spending hours at a dance studio. IvyTech will award students credits for completed hours spent training, playing, and competing in an organized sport.

email-icon Please contact our counselor, Ms. Adreanna Diaz for more information about the organized PE program and all requirements.

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